Bow Down To The King of April Fool’s Day :: Josh Hallett

In a post that had to be months in the making, Josh Hallett makes the funniest post of the year.

Josh not only makes the post, which would have been funny enough, but then actually registers the domain, builds the site and creates one of the funniest memes of the year.

A beautiful job, Josh. I laughed so hard that milk came out of my nose.

UPDATE: The site is fully tricked out. Call the phone number and email them for info.Runner up in the funny April Fool’s parade of sites? Google Romance – Pin All Your Romantic Hopes on Google.

Take the tour

Post your Google Romance profile

Post multiple profiles with a bulk upload file, you sleaze


0 thoughts on “Bow Down To The King of April Fool’s Day :: Josh Hallett

  1. Robert

    You are welcome, Eric!  (Sorry, I initially wrote Josh… strange.)
    Strange thing is, I wasn’t actually drinking milk at the time I read it.