Florida PR Blog Week :: deja vu and vuja de

Why aren’t more state PR associations doing this? Yes, another rhetorical question. But, it would be a great thing to see.

…why don’t more state PR associations launch blogs for their membership?

The deja vu is because the event is “similar in nature to Global PR Blog Week but with a Florida focus.” The “vuja de” is the “distinct feeling that nothing like this has happened before.” My words there. I know of all sorts of conferences, etc. that blog about their functions. Certainly the national and international groups – like IABC and IOAC – have done this. They have had good and bad results along the way. PRSA hasn’t done it. And, ya’ know, that may well be a good thing given their current state of affairs. But, the others did try it and seem to be continuing the effort. Good for them and props all around for the effort. Still, no state PR/Comm associations – that I know of to date – have undertaken such a project.

Josh Hallett pings us with this welcomed news … Florida’s PR Association is blogging – big time. Um, well – they will be. Check out the FPRAblog – home of FPRA Blog Week 2006 – April 10-14, 2006. We should all drop by and comment.

Welcome to FPRAblog, the home of FPRA Blog Week 2006. This online event will be held April 10-14, 2006 and is similar in nature to Global PR Blog Week but with a Florida focus. FPRA Blog Week 2006 is hosted by the Orlando Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association. Our goal is to showcase the talent of Florida-based public relations practitioners.

Kudos to Josh and all those in the FPRA for their efforts. Josh contributes to Marcomblog and was involved in this year’s Global PR Blog Week, too. A hat tip to you, Josh, for good deeds done well.


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  1. Robert

    Thank you, Josh. I’ve already pointed the students to the site and we are looking forward to participating with comments and reading what you are doing. Best of luck. It looks great!