Operation Link Love – PR Bloggers “Pay It Forward” and Give Back

Operation Link Love

Giving back. The ultimate in simple and selfless gifts by PR bloggers, it is easy to do and will definately help non-profits gain visibility and (if you offer it to them) advice on how to improve their social media implementations.

What initiated this idea?

I read Tom Murphy’s Charitable Blogging… post. Earlier, I commented on his post Call: Charities using blogs.

In his most recent post, Murphy asked this question, which I took as a call to action:

So the question for charities out there is how can we help? I’m in the planning stages of a small project here in Ireland where I’ll be working with Enable Ireland to possibly put together a free blogging workshop for charitable organisations. But I’m sure there’s stuff we can do online, and I’m sure the ever growing PR blog community won’t be found wanting…

That sounded like a call to action to me, so …

Then, I wrote to Constantin Basturea and asked if I could create a page in The NewPR/Wiki dedicated to non-profit blogs and social media. Constantin agreed and coined the phrase “Operation Link Love” regarding my idea to answer Tom Murphy’s call to action. Many thanks to Constantin for his suggestions and support.

So, that’s where we stand today.

What is it?

A list in the NewPR/Wiki. Operation Link Love

Visit the wiki and you may:

  • add links to non-profit blogging and social media examples you know of online
  • use these links to visit the sites
  • comment on their sites with either support or constructive criticism/advice on how to improve their practices
  • write a post about their efforts in your own blogs, or include them in a podcast, and discuss the value of social media for non-profits
  • add the links to your blogroll in a special non-profit/charitable social media, or blogging, category to provide support and heighten awareness of these sites
  • bookmark these sites in the popular social media sites with “OperationLinkLove” and/or “nonprofitblogs” to help further spread the meme of non-profit social media efforts. Examples of those sites are: bloglines, technorati, del.icio.us, furl, digg, spurl, wists, simpy, newsvine, blinklist, reddit, fark, blogmarks and yahoo’s myweb2 search
  • Visit The NewPR/Wiki’s Non-Profit Blogging, Podcasting and Social Media list and participate.

    The List

    (as of March 4, 2006)

    Also, thanks to Constantin’s suggestion, we have this ‘button’ you may use to link to the wiki page and encourage participation in “Operation Link Love” in other blogs. Want to make a better button? Won’t hurt my feelings. Send it in and we’ll load it up there.

    Cut-n-paste this code into your blog’s sidebar or a post:

    Come on and join in. This kind of giving is easy and painless. Surely there is one non-profit cause you can support.

    Finally, yes – I am involved in the Camp ASCCA, Alabama’s Special Camp for Children and Adults blogging effort. So, if my initiative seems too self-serving on my part, no problem for you. Choose another from the list or find one on your own and add it to the list. Then link to them. Honestly? I want you to link to all of them. Hey, a guy can dream.

    The goals here are simple. Encourage non-profits to explore blogging. Share a little link love with those blogs to help them out. We all know what links can do for these sites with regard to search. Please take the few minutes of time it will cost you and help them.

    Thank you.


    0 thoughts on “Operation Link Love – PR Bloggers “Pay It Forward” and Give Back

    1. Tom Murphy


      Fatastic! Well done, this is a great start!

      Hopefully we can help to raise awareness of blogging among charitable organisations and help them get online.

      Thanks again

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