Easter Seals Camp ASCCA Is Podcasting

We have begun podcasting on the Easter Seals Camp ASCCA site. I would appreciate anyone that wishes to listen then provide a critique here, or there. Go ahead, be brutal (well, not too brutal). We have to learn. The podcast is just under 12 minutes and is an interview with ASCCA’s recent Aquatics Director, Angelyn Wilson.

is an easy way for nonprofits to
give people the voices of their organization…

Visit the post and podcast here. There are several ways to listen. The site uses a WordPress plugin from Dan Kuykendall. It offers a Flash player, a popup player and the usual RSS feeds. And, it is free – opensource.

The idea is to create a site offering visitors the voices (literally) of the organization. Further, we are providing a human interest element to the story line with reflections from those that provide the hands on care and support. Their experiences range from instruction and aid in the recreation experiencs to the personal care during the camper’s stay at camp. There are other interviews in the works with all of the stakeholders listed below.

Our main goals are to:

  1. interview stakeholders such as counselors, campers, parents, donors, therapeutic professionals, doctors, nurses and volunteers,
  2. keep it short and sweet (no more than 15 minutes per interview),
  3. do it solely with opensource software (although we are using the $14.95 HotRecorder software),
  4. give the site virtually every possible multimedia offering we can, and
  5. perhaps encourage the news media to find even more of a reason to check in on our site for story ideas.

Suggestions for interviews we might consider are appreciated, too.

Yes, I am involved with this … you’ll hear my voice on the podcast. I did the interview. In the future, ASCCA’s interns will be conducting them, too. Ah, a learning experience. How fun!

I have just rehabilitated our crashed PR Quest podcasting site and promise to finally (I know) finish all of those podcasts. Just too busy. I apologize.