New Theme for infOpinions? :: In Business

Is it strange that, when I find a few free minutes, I turn to checking out new templates and do a redesign of the site? Probably so. But, nonetheless … I did it again.

communities provide a great service
like this free theme layout…

Many thanks to Kaushal Sheth for porting the In Business theme from Now Design’s “Business Design” free template they contributed to – Opensource Web Design.

I like the clean and easy to read use of white space. Kaushal did a fine job in crafting the ‘.php’ files to work quite well with WordPress.

So, thanks to Kaushal and NOW Design.

Update:  I have removed all five of the javascript functions I had running in the sidebar.  That ‘should’ help with the pageloads.  They were neat tools, but – if they discourage those that might visit because of shear lag-time and frustration – they just don’t cut it, yet.


0 thoughts on “New Theme for infOpinions? :: In Business

  1. Robert

    Thank you, Canada and Jeremy.

    Jeremy, perhaps you can find one at and have someone port it to Blogger. It would probably not cost much at all. They have over 1,400 designs … some are very nice.

  2. Robert

    Thanks, Kaushal. I like it, too.

    Very generous of you to share your time and talents in turning this theme into a WordPress theme for the community. Congrats on the great work.

  3. Mike Driehorst

    Robert: Definitely nice change. The other was good too, but there is something about “creative white space” I like.

    Also, thanks for the link to my site/the plug.

    And, just to show how un-tech I am, with as often and how you use delicious, I think I am going to have to check it out again. I did early on (last summer), but it looked a bit confusing. Now that I’m pushing nine months blogging, guess I should grow up.

    You definitely deserve a lot of credit for being as pro-active you are with your students and online communications.
    Take care,

  4. Robert

    Thank you, Mike. Yeah, I like the white space, too. So much easier to read.

    Thank you for the link and mention, too.

    Delicious is a useful tool for us as it allows me to quickly provide a link of interest for classes later on. That’s my favorite part of their tools. The automatic blog post is useful, but needs further development.

    Thanks for the encouragement. We appreciate your support.

    All the best.

  5. Robert

    Thank you, Tjobbe. I like the design very much. Clean, easy to read and nice layout. Thank you for creating it. I read your blog and saw that you were considering making all of your designs available for WordPress blogs. I believe you would have a lot of downloads from that. You do great work. Thanks. All the best.