58 Students Begin Blogging

58 new bloggers will be kicking off their blogs this week. I will add them all to the the aggregator where you may easily view excerpts and links to their posts. Right now you’ll see a lot of “Hello World” posts, so be patient for their first posts which will begin shortly.

…please visit
our new group of student bloggers…
be nice and then critique away…

A different slant on blogging this semester will be evident in some of the blogs. The PR Survey Research group will post once a week. Their goal is to (a) find examples of research – or what is passed off as research – online and critique it, (b) identify best and worst practices, (c) look for transparency and evidence of methodology being clearly revealed, (d) critique the instrument and (e) general analysis of the value of the research effort.

An interesting part of this will be that the students currently do not know much about survey research. I willl be interested to see how their analysis improves throughout the semester. This puts a lil’ pressure on them, but also puts a great deal on me, too. ๐Ÿ˜€

The PR Messages in Style & Design class will be posting to their blogs twice a week and each post must have a direct relation to current PR/Marcom issues and trends. I prefer that they focus on areas of PR/Marcom of particular interest to their future career paths, how they might implement new media/social media in practice, and what they feel are the most pressing issues for PR/Marcom, overall. Respectful, yet in-depth, critique and/or praise is expected in all of their observations.


0 thoughts on “58 Students Begin Blogging

  1. Constantin Basturea

    Great news! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking forward to subscribe to the PR Survey Research group blog!

    Quick question: is there any way to disable the Google results attached to each entry in the PRblogs news aggregator? Thank you.

  2. Robert

    Thanks, Constantin. The PR Survey Research students will actually have their own blogs, so I will have to create a separate list for their combined feeds. That’s on the list of things to do. I will also look at the script for the aggregator and see if I can drop that Google results section after you do the dropdown for each post.

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