Sun Ho Shim :: part of the majority of PR

I found a new PR blog yesterday. Welcome Sun Ho Shim to the conversation. Her blog is entitled, The new majority in PR: Women. I would suggest that women are actually the old majority of PR, but I get her drift. When I graduated from college, some 20+ *cough* years ago, women were dominating the profession then, too.

make up the majority of PR practitioners
but less than 30% of PR bloggers…

I marvel each semester when I have a male in my classes, in fact. This semester I am proud to announce that I have some 7 men, total, in my three classes. OK, truth be told – one of them is in two classes. But still, I’m happy to see them all. Of course, I’m happy to see all the students. And, I am happy to find this new PR blog. She began blogging on December 17th.

On a side note, this is my first post using the Firefox Performancing plugin. I like the plugin, but it needs some work. If you can’t post a draft using it, the plugin has little use for me. Why not just login to the blog. Until they can incorporate all of the functions you get in the blog’s admin area, the plugin is just a play toy with little functionality for me.
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0 thoughts on “Sun Ho Shim :: part of the majority of PR

  1. Paloma Cruz

    I tried out Performancing as well, but decided it wasn’t for me. It’s still too raw.

    I continue in my search for a blogging tool that actually helps.

  2. Robert

    Yep, I agree, Paloma. The sesarch continues. I think the Performancing extension could get there, but they’ll have to spend more time on it. Hope they do. They are closer than any other I’ve found.

  3. Sun Ho Shim

    Thank you for introducing me and my blog.
    At the moment, I am very busy for my course.
    But, I will do my blog continuously.
    Take care!