Drucker and Center :: Two Great Thinkers, Leaders and Men

Sad news comes our way as we learn of the passing of two great leaders – Peter Drucker and Allen Center. (O’Dwyer’s stories. Subscription required.)

…their work
will be remembered for generations
as new students experience their writings…

Peter Drucker is remembered by his grandson, Nova Spivack.

He was a great man, a Renaissance Man — the kind that comes along only once in a century. He will be missed.

I can truly agree with Nova. His Grandfather’s writings have been – and will continue to be – required reading in colleges and business for years.

Allen Center’s texts, “Effective Public Relations” and “Public Relations Practices”, are still required reading in PR programs around the world, too. Center is one of only 20 members of the Authur W. Page Society’s Hall of Fame. He was a true educator of students and businesses around the world.

Both gentelmen will be missed, but not forgotten. They shaped minds and educated students – untold thousands – with more to come. Their work will live on for generations.

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