iPorn :: iPod’s first black eye?

…iPorn – iPod
the happy fun brand is now Porn purveyor?
how? (will?) Apple respond? …

iPorn on the iPod. Could this be the first black eye (aside from cracked screens on the Nano) that afflicts this brand?

TV cable news and print has already leaped upon this story. Search for iPorn (Google Web and News) and see how many links you get – already. How unfortunate is the “iPorn” tag that all seem to be ascribing to this new market?

So, what are the stories we can see appearing on the horizon?

First school to confiscate an iPod from a child because of porn?
First story of a child running up a large bill downloading porn?
First university (the ones providing free iPods to their students) noticing increased downloads on campus servers?
First effort by porn providers to protect their product (a la record labels) from peer2peer sharing (a la Kazaa)?
First story about porn providers (like record labels) wanting a piece of Apple’s iPod revenue pie?
First kid porn addict (because he was exposed to it at such an early age – via his Christmas present)?
First dumb blog meme about the fall of the Apple brand? Oh, wait. I may have started that one already. 🙂

So, is this a big deal. Or, is the iPorn story just the flavor of the week. I don’t know. This may never manifest into a PR problem for Apple, but – it has possibilities – if only by association.

For any company or institution to have their brand so intrinsically tied to their product, it could pose a problem. Clarification: Don’t you want that? Brand product identity? But, if iPorn is synonymous with iPod, doesn’t it sully the brand? It certainly is something you want to protect.

Today, Apple may well be better known for the iPod than for computers (although they categorize it as one). Apple makes more on iPods than they do on anything else. Certainly, they want to protect it. And, since there isn’t any iPod clone, it is all about Apple for now when we talk about video ‘pods’. Even MP3 players have failed to make a terrific dent in Apple’s market share for that product alone.

What do you think?


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  1. plastic peeps

    I think this will be a minimal problem for Apple because most people prefer porn in the privacy of their own home, not on the go. Most of the iPorn search results are just people speculating about iPorn.