Nova Spivack :: Top Thinker Minding the Planet

Top thinker Nova Spivack. He has been “Minding the Planet” for some time at his blog.

…Nova Spivack is
a Top Sources Thinkers of the Web
good choice…

I became aware of Nova when starting this blog. In fact, you can see where I posted several times about him over the year – particularly in the beginning of the blog.

Recently, Nova’s blog was listed as one of the Top Ten Sources “Thinkers of the Web.”. Congrats on that, Nova.

Nova writes that he is “trying a little experiment to see who is reading this…” Well, this one is a bit different from his previous meme experiments, but an interesting one. Nova wants to know who reads him. Well, I do – although not that regularly of late. My apologies, Nova. Too little time. His site is in my Sage RSS feed collection, though. Nova is one to be checked from time to time because of his unique outlook and insights.

So, please check out his blog. Students, you may use Nova’s blog as one of your reading / commenting assignments, if you wish. Look around and you’ll find a wide variety of topics to choose from at Minding the Planet. He was an early source of inspiration for our blogging class efforts, so it is just that we re-visit Nova’s site.

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