Media Guerrilla and Marcomblog: New School PR and Generation 2.0

More from Mike Manuel. This time on “NewPR” or “New School PR”. Check out: Media Guerrilla – New School PR & Thinking Like a Media Network

In a previous post I driveled on the idea that the PR services industry is entering a bit of a transition period and that old school agency business models need to evolve to keep in line with changing market conditions and a growing DIY business mentality.

…to adapt
our thinking (and our skill sets)
to bring new ideas…

Also, that the onus is ultimately on us, the industry pros, to adapt our thinking (and our skill sets) to bring new ideas and really, new value to the table for those clients we represent.

Great, so how do we do this?

I think a big part of the solution is shifting what were previously push-centric PR programs to pull-centric ones. Bear with me on this, I realize this post is longer than my normal stuff.

Now, add to that the latest from David Forstrom at Marcom Blog.

Dave writes about Generation 2.0: The Rise of a Disruptive New Workforce. Add Dave’s ideas with Mike’s and I think we’re getting to an interesting definition (or prediction) for the future of PR in this lightening fast media age.

I remember a great story of a university whose future more than a hundred years ago looked
very bleak. Enrollment was down, the economic outlook wasn’t promising, and support was waning. However
the school president wouldn’t accept such a fate. He envisioned a day when thousands and thousands of students, with manuals and notebooks in hand, would literally pour over the hillside and flood campus walkways and hallways. Today that university is nationally recognized for its strong undergraduate and graduate programs with more than 30,000 students enrolled annually.

…You are, we are,
involved in a transformation
of EPIC proportions…

What does that story have to do with marcom? Well, some have said and continue to say that PR is dead, or you could substitute marcom, or you could substitute mainstream media. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Haven’t you seen it or sensed it? Something is happening. That’s actually a popular phrase on the streets of Silicon Valley these days. But it’s not a left coast, right coast thing.