Edelman/Technorati Survey :: Good First Step

After reading the results of the Edelman/Technorati survey, and various discussions about it on the web, these questions come to mind. Richard Edelman and Phil Gomes are the primary bloggers talking about the results.

My request(s)? Richard and Phil, please include a detailed description of the survey’s methodology on the results page. The recent post by Phil goes a few steps further. But, I think more is needed.

For instance, survey response/non-response and measurement. Sample design.

What was the pool and what was the total number of respondents (how many were expunged), who was contacted directly with the link to participate (if not names, numbers), how many were not invited but found it (if possible), and a traditional recitation of the methodology.

Do you feel that your results (your analysis) are in line with your survey sample design? Are you disregarding the sample design?

What were your investigatory purposes? What did you hope to learn? Did you have a thesis statement before you began the survey? A premise?

Much of this may be derived (or speculated) by reading your previous posts, but it does not make the survey results appear valid without having it all on one page – directly stated in the report – for readers to consider.

I believe that including all of this will make it easier for individuals to judge the validity of the survey.

Personally, I applaud your efforts. Regardless of the outcome, it is laudable that this survey was undertaken. Further, I hope you are planning future surveys. A repeat of this survey – same sample, same questions – down the road will also add to the ability to determine its value.

I write this – in part – due to some other discussions that have taken place recently. Kevin Dugan‘s is of particular interest, for example. And, Constantin Basturea discusses the survey – or surveys (he has a take on others, too).

Two weeks ago, in the spirit of furthering public relations, Global PR Blog Week 2.0 took place. The goal? “(A)n online event focused on how new communications technologies are changing public relations and business communication.” This involves bringing together many people from a variety of PR/Marcom backgrounds to push the discussion forward.

I feel that the Edelman/Technorati survey is along those same lines. They are trying to develop an understanding of blogs and PR. How they can work together. How PR practitioners can work with blogs and bloggers.

Their initial effort is a good step in the right direction.


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