Personal: Rick’s Thoughts from Ashley, Former Student

Rick Pearson is a friend of Ashley, a former student of mine. Rick, in only a few months, has been stricken by leukemia and his condition is serious. It is critical. His family is seeking your thoughts and prayers – nothing more.

Ashley has revisited her old blog from class and writes of a blog that was started on August 13th by Rick’s fiance and family to keep family, friends and supporters around the nation up to date on Rick’s condition. The first post in the blog tells of the events that led to the blog’s creation and the subsequent posts relate the story of a devout Christian family’s prayers and hopes for Rick.

I hope you will visit the blog and keep Rick, his family and fiance in your thoughts.

I write about this for several reasons. Rick’s plight is a touching one – especially considering all of this came upon him in just a few months time. With all that has happened in the world, especially recently, it is a reminder that there are so many people in need and dealing with such emotional and life threatening events. And, in all the talk we go through about blogs in public relations, marcom and business – it is good to remember that the vast majority of blogs are personal sites.

Finally, and the personal tie I have to the story, Ashley is an absolutely wonderful person. Truly, Ashley is easily one of the best students I’ve ever had the privilege to know. More importantly, she is also a wonderful person that you will just love if you ever have the opportunity to meet her.

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