New Aggregator Tool :: Update

Found a new RSS feed aggregator tool. lilana is an opensource browser aggregator tool. It does not require a database and is easily uploaded and launched in minutes. This tool will be quite useful in a variety of situations.

To view the new tool, please visit these links providing posts from the:

The aggregator comes with (a) Google contextual search suggestions for each post topic, (b) and furl bookmarking tools, (c) dropdown excerpt views, (d) OPML download to put the feeds / links into your own tools – and more.

I have launched it for aggregating all of the posts from the entire community. You can visit the post outlining the new tool at :: “Aggregator of All PRBlogs :: New Blogger – Jennifer”.

And, as you see above, we have yet another user. Jennifer is a senior in PR and Vice President of her university’s PRSSA chapter. She is at a school in another state and I look forward to getting to know Jennifer better along the way. Jenn is quite passionate, as she relates in her blog:

I am a driven person and am very passionate about the work I accomplish and the goals I have set for myself. I hope to make an impact. I know that sounds trite, but I sincerely do.

That’s great. Just the kind of student we’re looking for in the new community. Visit Jennifer’s blog – “That’s News To Me” at Special thanks to Jeremy Pepper as I believe he may have suggested she come on over and try out Update: Yep, it is the same student Jeremy found and steered to Thanks Jeremy!

This is exactly the type of person I was hoping to attract to If you can think of any other students, educators and professionals that might want to dip their toes into the blogging pool – please point them to

UPDATE: And, we now have a Blogdigger aggregation Group for It is open to public view. I’ve always liked Blogdigger. A cool tool.