WordPress.com :: Wish I had an invite

In case you haven’t guessed it from my rantings and evangelical fervor towards WordPress, I love the blogging platform.

Well, there is news! Matthew Mullenweg and all the WordPress developers have something new for you – hosted blogging at WordPress.com.

I believe that WordPress.org is now trying to pump up interest in WordPress MultiUser. A great tool for creating a blogging community. I’m betting that is what they are using to provide this new offer at WordPress.com.

Update: It may also be that WordPress is offering something more akin to what many hosting providers are offering: a .gzipped version of WordPress that may be launched immediately by a simple script. Darn. I want to find out more. 🙂 WordPress needs to win in this race for the business world’s fav blogging platform. Read Bucks for blogs: Businesses, bloggers look to score deals, forge links at S. F. summit (Mercury News)

Another Update: I now find this rather old comment thread at WordPress Suport Forums and it led me to this recent post in WordPress.com (Wednesday, July 20th, 2005) that makes me feel WordPress.com is using MultiUser. We’ll see.

I’m excited for WordPress. This could be the boost they need to start gaining wider MSM / Trade Press coverage.

WordPress.com is an easy and powerful way to start blogging.
Why Blog?

* Connect with an audience of dozens to millions.
* Stop sending mass emails to everyone.
* Archive your thoughts.
* Why the heck not? (WordPress.com)

and, from Qumana we find two features:

* WYSIWYG editor
* Side-panel features like categories can be moved around to better suit the order you prefer.

The WYSIWYG has already been available as a plugin. The drag-n-drop tools is in the 1.6-ALPHA-2 version and is used in the MultiUser version.

Thanks to PR meets the WWW – Constantin Basturea, Nevon – Neville Hobson, and DL Byron for the tip off to this new offering.

We are using MultiUser for PRblogs.org to give free blogs to PR practitioners, educators and students. That project is in conjunction with James Farmer of BlogSavvy. Many thanks to James. He is offering new blogs to educators at edublogs.org, too. James thinks way ahead of the curve.

Best wishes to WordPress with their new offering. After people start to see this blogging platform (on an even larger scale – building communities) I believe the others may have some very worried expressions on their faces. It is that good.

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0 thoughts on “WordPress.com :: Wish I had an invite

  1. Lorelle

    Yes, you are right, wordpress.com is using WordPress MU with the alpha version of WordPress 1.6. It’s neat and fun and will be great, once all the bugs are worked out. I’ve got a test site at http://lorelle.wordpress.com and I’ll be talking about some of the new changes.

    Invites are available via email, with whatever criteria they may or may not have, on the main WordPress.com site at http://www.wordpress.com.

    Remember, you will be working with the alpha version, so it doesn’t yet have all the functionality you are accustomed to with WordPress.

  2. Scott Kidder

    Hey Robert –

    It is definately WordPress MU — see Matt’s comment on the SiliconBeat Blog: “Roger or anybody can run the software behind WordPress.com as we’ve decided to keep it open source just like WordPress. I expect to see dozens of similar boutique blog hosts spring up, as well as more companies using the platform inside of the firewall to provide unlimited blogs for their employees.”

    Thanks for the comment!