Blogs as Newsletter Generators

How many small PR shops (or large, for that matter) would like an inexpensive, and very simple to use, HTML or plain text newsletter generator? Many, I would think. In fact, how many NGOs in local areas do not have the funds to accomplish this task and would like an inexpensive and multi-featured option to create such a newsletter? Even more, I bet.

I found a plugin, newly updated, for WordPress that does a nice job of the process. It is the Email Notification Plugin. This plugin comes from Brian Groce and is much appreciated.

Opt-in/out is accomplished. The plugin can inform subscribers of new posts, or send out the entire text. The Admin section can be used to do a one time (non-blog entry) email to all subscribers. And, the links provided to subscribers are ‘friendly’ links, too.

Other options include: Import Addresses, Export Addresses, Remove Addresses, Email List Subscribers, and Update Settings (switch from text to html emails). The export/import functions need work to add the possibility of importing various formats, but you can drop in a long stack of addresses (one per line) at one time and import them with the click of one button.

This is a very nice tool and gives added value / uses for a blog in many PR campaigns.

UPDATE: Thanks to James Farmer, I’m updating this post with other similar options.

First, there is a great resource of most all WordPress plugins available at’s Plugins Database. There you will find these similar subscription tools/plugins:

From Columbus, Ohio’s Skippy, you’ll find Skippy offers us subscribe2: email notification of new posts. It is installed on this blog. Works great, too.

And, there is the Mailing List Manager from Gerard Ly. It is also installed on this blog. With Gerard’s plugin you may “send mails to a mailing-list and manage the list. Send newsletter every time a new post is added or edited.”

Additionally, James suggested (I think for me and posts on this blog) Subscribe to Comments from Jennifer, the scriptygoddess. This plugin does just what it says, allows visitors to “Subscribe to comments” on a particular post on your blog.

I have installed it here now. However, I’m going to have to play with that a bit. It does not seem to play well with the “ComPreVal” plugin.

I hope this now gives us a better overview of the available plugins. 🙂 Thanks, James.

I frequent the WordPress Support forums quite regularly. If only to look around, the forums almost always offer a new learning experience regarding the popular blogging platform. Check out WordPress. You will not be disappointed.


0 thoughts on “Blogs as Newsletter Generators

  1. Robert

    Good point, James. I got distracted and failed to give all the options. In fact, subscribe2 is what I use on this blog.

    I will amend the post. 🙂

    Next up is to discover how to emmulate your edublogs (through WordPress) for education/non-profit communities.

    I’m watching your series on “Giving a Blog – a guide to providing blogs” with great interest and appreciation. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    Thank you.

  2. Robert

    OK, I added the two other “subscribe to” plugins I know of for WordPress blogs.

    As for a comparison, they all three have pretty similar options. All three install easily with minimal (if any) modifications to any PHP code. Mostly, those modifications involve adding a little bit of script to either the sidebar or a particular template file.

    Subscribe2 and Mailing List plugins have more options re: changing the emails that are sent out to subscribers upon submission of their email addressses.

    There is also the good opt-in clarification aspect whereby anyone that does subscribe must reply to their initial subscription by clicking a link in one email. This keeps rogues from wildly subscribing unsuspecting individuals to your posts. And, it keeps you from gaining the tag as a spammer, too.

    So, does anyone know of any other newsletter / subscribe to posts plugins?