Ooops! Another lesson learned

Remember those discussions we’ve had about what NOT to do with your blog and work email account?

In the “things not to do” file, this is yet another good lesson. This could be viral (as in terminal / termination) jobwise if the right (or wrong) people got wind of it. With blogs, and your work email account, that can happen in a heartbeat. This is just one of the reasons why I will give all students a GMail account for use ‘after’ graduation.

From Jeremy Pepper in the PR Blog: The PR Blog : Monitoring Employee Emails – ( Small Business Blog Center )

Out in the blogosphere, there has been a lot of discussions on employee blogs, and setting up guidelines for employees who might be blogging – even if it’s on their own time. Most of the time, blogging guidelines and policies can be summed up as common sense, but unfortunately, that seems to be in short supply.

Companies also usually have email and Web usage policies in place, that can be summed up with: we own the computer and the network, so don’t use either for personal use. This is especially true with corporate email.