One Year Anniversary

Actually, I missed it.

Preparation for this 2004-2005 academic year experiment began in June of 2004. I was considering weaving blogs into classes for some time last year. The community of PR bloggers evolving at that time was the impetus. I thought – mentors for students. They are all right here!

Apropos, perhaps, a blog (and blogging platform) named Serendipity is where it truly started to unfold (Saturday, July 24. 2004). Truth be told, there were several other platforms before Serendipity, but I deleted all of those. I have been blogging, in some form, since 2001. I actually deleted a lot of those posts a long time ago. But, I have kept the blog. I became wary of having all of those personal posts up on the web. So, I deleted those and started other blogs. The next was a LiveJournal blog – ToomersCorner – my first post there.

Over the coming days, I will be posting my thoughts about accomplishments, missed opportunities and perhaps some failures.

The exercise has been fun. I must give thanks to the many people who have, through their kindness and generosity, contributed to the exercise in many ways. I will start with a most precious and generous group of ten people.

First, from a class blogging point of view, no other PR practitioner has done more for – and interacted with – my students than Jeremy Pepper at Pop! PR. I am forever grateful to Jeremy for his unbelievable volunteerism. I will explore ‘some’ of the details of his generosity over the coming days.

Second, the nine marketing and technology professionals of MarcomBlog have also been extremely kind and generous. They are David Forstrom, Bill French, Guillaume du Gardier, Josh Hallett, Neville Hobson, Dee Rambeau, Octavio Rojas, Tara Smith and Dale Wolf. I will share stories about that experience, too.

There are many others, but I won’t put them all in one post. Look for more thank you’s in coming days.

I wish to truly offer deep praise and gratitude to all ten of these tremendously talented and wise professionals. Thank you from all of my students and from me. We appreciate you and your generosity more than I can properly express. Thank you to all the others, too. I fear I will leave someone out, but over the coming week I’ll try to express our appreciation as best I can.


0 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Constantin

    Robert, happy (belated) blog anniversary!

    You’ve done an outstanding job in introducing your students to new media technologies and helping them to understand how these tools are changing the public relations practice – and I hope other educators will learn from your experience.

    Happy anniversary, and many more to come!

  2. Robert

    Thank you, Constantin. I have learned a lot from you and your activities over the year. When people say you “Hung the Moon” they aren’t kidding.

    The New/PR Wiki is perhaps the most innovative, valuable and most often used reference for so many of us.

    Thank you!

  3. Jeremy Pepper

    Oh, the students have been fun, mainly, and it’s all Jessica’s fault that I found the blogs (and your first post that I had little fear, or tact, on what I wrote).

    They have been fun, some more fun and into the blogging than others, and we all need mentors or at least people we can ping for advice or help. Heck, I still do brainstorm sessions with former colleagues, because it’s about trusting people you know well.

    I have offered your kids to IM me, but not sure if they ever would take me up on it.

  4. Robert

    They do appreciate your support and time, Jeremy. As do I.

    It will take some more time for many of them to gain the confidence to truly dive in and network with the community of PR bloggers.

    Hey, they do talk about you often in class.

    Oh, and Jessica will be closer to you soon. She’s off to the Lone Star state.