Blogging Creating Jobs? Yes, It Is

Anil Dash and Paloma Cruz are among two bloggers showing us how the new medium is creating jobs for many – including young and aggressive PR practitioners, writers and web developers.

Now, admittedly these are not high paying jobs, but they are good freelance and contract opportunities. Some are even full-time entry level jobs.

Visit Blog Jobs That Aren’t Boring and Paloma’s “stories from a Public Relations life” blog.

Among the jobs they highlight, from a variety of sources, are:

Do this search (for ‘blog’ and choose the category ‘gig’) for each city at the main site and it reveals a lot of freelance writing jobs, too. Great opportunities for an aggressive college student wishing to get some experience writing. I did the search in just five cities and found close to 100 listings. The writing jobs probably carry the greatest appeal to students. Check them out.

It will be telecommuting for you. A new area to explore in your pursuit of experience. Better some experience than none, right? Go get ’em!

P.S. Be careful if the writing gig is to promote a particular product / service and they ask you for a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement). You don’t want to engage in any practice that is not transparent.