Web as mass entertainment medium? Not yet … but, closer to realization.

MediaPost :: Live 8 Sets Web Records

EARLIER THIS YEAR, YAHOO!’S MEDIA group head, Lloyd Braun, lamented that the Internet still hadn’t had its defining “I Love Lucy” moment, the turning point that would transform the Web into a mass entertainment medium. That moment might have arrived Saturday, with America Online’s live streams of Live 8 concerts in six cities worldwide.

The streams, available for free and in real-time while the performers were on stage, set records for Internet viewing. America Online reported over the weekend that 5 million users visited the site at some point during the live feeds, while 175,000 users streamed simultaneously at the height of the day’s traffic.

Live 8 certainly made a big splash, but I am not too certain that this was the “I Love Lucy” moment that everyone is seeking.

Lucy was, after all, a series with long running power and synidcation power for years and years. (It is still on the air.) So, show us that kind of power and then the Web will have arrived as a mass entertainment medium.

Is there any example of that kind of mass entertainment staying power in anything that is, or has been, on the web? I don’t think so. Tell me your best examples of such mass entertainment examples. There is streaming sports audio … taking all examples into one group could be one example. But, in the music / comedy /drama area I don’t know of anything that comes close. Live 8 was, after all, a one time event. Aren’t we all looking for sustained continuing content? Or, am I being too old world, broadcast method retentive?