Irony :: Un-PC Speak

Tomorrow we visit Camp ASCCA / Easter Seals (Alabama’s Special Camp for Children and Adults).

Camp ASCCA is the world’s largest outdoor recreation facility for people with disabilities. Now, that phrase – people with disabilities – would not be used by the guys below for their t-shirts. And, the phrase describes either one – or two – of them, depending upon how you react to their little t-shirt sales campaign.

Today, Adrants runs this item – “Creative Guys Sell Handicapped T-Shirts. WARNING: Several of the t-shirts feature graphic sex acts and the content will likely offend most people. Profanity, too.

A quote from the article goes like this:

PHD Account Planner Torsten Gross and freelance art director Martin Sondergaard have launched a line of t-shirts that unmercifully poke fun at cripples, yes, cripples in a very un-PC manner. Before all you PC types get all worked up, Gross is a cripple himself and enjoys celebrating that fact – even if it’s in a way that some might not like.

Would Camp ASCCA benefit from such a campaign, should they seek out an advertising agency?

Here is the site where they are selling their t-shirts. Again, remember that WARNING above.

So, I ask you. What do you think? Is this OK? Would this tactic, aimed at changing people’s perceptions of people with disabilities – and how we treat PC references – fly for Camp ASCCA’s audiences?

You might read this earlier post of mine to get an idea of how I might react to such an idea. Check it out and I’ll post my thoughts later.


0 thoughts on “Irony :: Un-PC Speak

  1. Robert

    Yeah, changing “Let’s Get Retarded” to “Let’s Get It Started” is kind of strange. But, I understand why.

    This kind of ‘over the top’ reference to disability by people with disabilities is nothing new to me. Often, the people with disabilities are more off-color than a hybrid “Carlin/Rock/Pryor” comedian could ever hope to be.

    I don’t know how the overall reaction to his shirts is, but I’m guessing that (a) some will say it is OK because he is disabled or (b) some feel it just does more harm than good.

    To me, so few people will actually see this that I doubt it will cause much stir or harm.

    The one thing I know for certain? This would not fly for Camp ASCCA’s audience. Not at all. 🙂 Many of the campers and counselors might get a giggle, but the parents and the contributors would not think it is cool, at all.