LittleMissMatched :: Getting Press – Sockadelic!

Saw an interesting feature on CNN saturday. LittleMissMatched.

They have been accumulating quite the press attention lately … Mismatched socks for kids and adults – – Press Releases, CNN, In Style…

Their press room is written in the voice of their company’s ‘character’ – Little Miss Matched. This should send all those ‘character blog’ detractors into a tizzy.

I like it. It works. They do have a blog – but, it isn’t associated with their domain. Why? They aren’t getting any link juice from their blog.

What do you think? Does a character blog for this company make sense? Can you see a stream of ‘tweens’ coming by to chat with LittleMissMatched? I think so. Just put the blog under your domain, folks.

Their site also features a little fun javascript drag-n-drop sock hunt, of sorts. Find the hidden sock. And, they are running Google ads.

So, as we think of ideas to help organizations/companies promote their products/services… what else could be done for Little Miss Matched? Their site, according to my Firefox Google Page Rank tool, has a page rank of 4. Yet, at there is no info for the site. Would a blog help? A blog directly under their domain? Their site doesn’t have friendly URLs. “catalog?Args=”, for example. Would that help, too?

Note that their socks are sold online. The “Sockadelic! line (is) sold on th(eir) website and in 600 department stores nationwide.” So, they are interested in any increase to their Web presence.

If my little unknown and rarely visited blog can have a Google page rank of 5, certainly their’s can have a 6. And, if this lil’ blog can have a Technorati Rank of 15,885 out 10 million, LittleMissMatched can do much better, too. By the way, both of those rankings continue to amaze me – daily. So, that’s not a brag. Just stunned amazement and amusement. The lesson is – blogs work for SEO.

For info about the company …

Basic Press Release (.pdf)

LittleMissMatched™ is an innovation-based company, founded in San Francisco, CA. Our philosophy is to balance high quality, ingenuity, and FUN! You’ll notice that our products aren’t exclusive to those with thick pocket books because we want as many people as possible to make their own matches! Our products are both fashion forward as well as something you can use for years to come. When have polka dots and stripes ever gone outta style?

LittleMissMatched was created by four friends: a product designer, a literary agent, a writer and an apparel insider. We’ve made it our mission to: 1) Solve the age-old problem of the disappearing sock, 2) Transform the sad sock into a necessary accessory, 3) Provide kids permission to express themselves, and 4) Allow girls a chance to be girls for as long as they want.

We currently have two sock lines, our Sockadelic! line, sold on this website and in 600 department stores nationwide, as well as our Anything Goes! line which is sold exclusively in specialty stores around the country. We’re also developing several other lines including babies, boys and men, so stay tuned…


0 thoughts on “LittleMissMatched :: Getting Press – Sockadelic!

  1. Jeremy Pepper

    It’s an interesting site, but too much is wrong with it, including a lack of email addresses or website of the PR firm.

    Plus, the blog has no links. They’ll post the URL, but not hyperlink it. So, it’s a good idea, done halfway.

    It is cute, though. If I had a daughter, I’d be all over it.

  2. Robert

    I agree, Jeremy. It has untapped potential. Also, the design uses a lot of images and the “sock combiner” page will likely give slow connections fits. Forcing users to load all 140 sock images – 70 in each of the two side frames – could be a bit clunky. There are ways around dealing with 140 .gif files at 1.5 to 2.0+ kb each.