Bayosphere :: Dan Gillmor’s First Offering from Grassroots Media, Inc.

Dan Gillmor has launched his first offering of Grassroots Media, Inc. and it is called Bayosphere.

The site is powered by Drupal, something that opensource community is happy about.

The Bayosphere forums have 76 posts as of this writing and Bayosphere has a Technorati cosmos of 365 links.

Gillmor has a staff and they’ve begun a viral marketing effort to get the word out. The staff is seeking existing links to his old sites and providing info about the new project and blog. Considering that his old blog had “1,014 sites link to: Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism” they are going to be a bit busy.

You’ve pointed to Dan Gillmor’s site(s) in the past and he wants to let you know he’s moved. He’s launched a new company focusing on citizen journalism, Grassroots Media Inc., the first project of which is called Bayosphere ( — a site “of, by and for the San Francisco Bay Area.” He’s also moved his blog to the new site (

The Bay area is a techie place, so it will be interesting to see how this project kicks off. Best wishes to Gillmor, his staff and that sea of grassroots journalists out there.


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