Yahoo! Subscriptions BETA

Jeremy Pepper writes about the latest search offering from Yahoo!

Think about this: in PR, we do a lot of research. We do research for new business proposals. We do research for press releases. We do research for media pitches, or we should at least be doing research on the product and its competitors to be able to speak intelligibly to reporters. A cornerstone of PR is research.

Yahoo! Subscriptions BETA is a powerful tool which, with the future addition of Factiva, will become even more useful.

Currently the search tool digs through subscription based resources not usually accessible by search engines. The resources available currently are: Consumer Reports, (60 days), Forrester Research, IEEE publications, New England Journal of Medicine,, and Wall Street Journal (30 days). Days in parentheses relate to how far back the search digs into their archives. (“Note: You will need a valid subscription to the sources above to access their content.”)

Most of those resources are available to us through the university library. So, check out the search tool and see what you can then find using Auburn University’s AubieCat service.

Why is this search different?

Yahoo! Search Subscriptions enables you to search access-restricted content such as news and reference sites that are normally not accessible to search engines.

Search all the sources listed above or check the specific sources you want to search. Use preferences if you want to save these settings for future searches and want to add these sources to your regular Web search experience.

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Yahoo! Subscription BETA.
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