Blogdigger Goes Local :: Advanced Search Is Live

Blogdigger Local Search is up and running.

This has powerful potential if/when enough people adopt GeoURLs in their meta tags – plus, developing other ways to determine the location of blogs/sites.

WordPress had the function built in back in the 1.2 versions, but was dropped recently from the core. I asked about re-including in the core at the WordPress Forums and the suggestion was that it won’t be included unless there is a demand for it. The meta tags are easy to add to your headers. Instructions for entering them are available at

I emailed Greg at Blogdigger and he reports on the new “Local” search by GeoURL and other means. I’m sharing bits of that email because Greg said, “Tell your friends.”

Greg writes, “Local will get more useful as we add in more sites…”. I agree. Currently, Blogdigger Local is “working off a very small subset” until they can “ramp up” their crawlers, according to Greg.

As for the updates to the database during this Beta period, Greg says they are “planning on semi-regular visits for this metadata, since it likely won’t change that often (unlike feed data). We haven’t set our intervals yet, but we’re thinking between 1 week and 1 month, with an option for instant-crawl by ‘pinging’ (Blogdigger).”

Also, as Greg promised in the email, the new Advanced search page is online now. They don’t have it linked on their main pages, I imagine because they are still working on some bugs.

The Local / Advanced search functions are Beta, so we’re bound to see some bumps along the way. For instance, I searched for my zip code and found only one blog listed. I, of course, did not have the GeoURL meta tags in my blog. They are there now. We’ll see when they pop into the database. The one blog listed belongs to one of our recent Auburn grads, Patrick Rice. He now lives in San Francisco since his graduation. I’m sure that changing his GeoURL code is the last thing on his mind right now. Moves are a pain, aren’t they.

I’m looking forward to these developments. Powerful search means valuable information. And, as we all know, information is good.

In other news, like all others with a BlogCatalog account, we learned today that Brad Jaspar has sold the site to Jacob Gower who also owns CSS Vault.

Not wishing to start a rumor here. Just speculating. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw such an announcement one day for Blogdigger or other startups generated out of this blog boom. We’ll see. If you sell it, Greg. Get a bundle. 😀

One of the many good things about Blogdigger, and Greg, is that they are open to their users. Greg has always been very prompt in replying when I’ve written to him. And, he’s always very helpful with any questions. That’s good CRM.

Greg sounds like a very good candidate for a PR Quest podcast. I’ll write to him soon and see if he’s up for one. That’d be fun. Hey, maybe Brad Jaspar and Jacob Gower, too. We’ll see.