Tagging :: Plugins and tools are numerous

New tagging tool. For WordPress, here is a simple tagging tool plugin called “TicTagTo” and it works.

The plugin needs further development to incorporate the function directly into the ‘quicktags’ formatting buttons, but it works as is. 🙂

I’m using “TypeItIn” now to accomplish the simple placing of the code/tags into the bottom of posts. A tag, like those below, looks like this: <google>public relations</google>.

Here are all the tags and how they look when rendered. Forgive the fact that some terms (like Google, Yahoo and Technorati) are automatically linked by another plugin I’ve enabled on the blog for popular keywords. That way I don’t have to type those links in when creating a post.

<blogstats>blogstats</blogstats>, <wikipediade>wikipediade</wikipediade>, <google>google</google>, <googlede>googlede</google>, <technorati>technorati</technorati>, <delicious>delicious</delicious>, <feedster>feedster</feedster>, <yahoo>yahoo</yahoo>, <yahoode>yahoode</yahoode>, <yahooimages>yahooimages</yahooimages>, <googlenews>googlenews</googlenews>, <imdb>imdb</imdb>, <dictionary>dictionary</dictionary>, <urban>urban</urban>, <answers>answers</answers>, <thesaurus>thesaurus</thesaurus>

blogstats, wikipediade, google, googlede, technorati, delicious, feedster, yahoo, yahoode, yahooimages, googlenews, imdb, dictionary, urban, answers, thesaurus

and that is all of them … and other tags are placed in these posts with another plugin – but they do not appear in the post – they are invisible.

This is the other plugin for Technorati tags. It works in the admin menu.

Technorati Tags: | | .

Bunny Tags plugin should appear here:


0 thoughts on “Tagging :: Plugins and tools are numerous

  1. Robert

    Thanks for the update, Joe.

    I’ll go get it and check it out.

    The .js Quicktags support sounds great.

    Well bummer. The only thing in the .zip right now is the ReadMe file and the License. I’ll check back when you get it all zipped up.

  2. Joe Brooks

    Oops! retry the link. I didn’t archive it right. Heh.
    Oh, it overwrites your current quicktags.js so if there are edits that you already made you might want to copy/paste them to the new file.