MovableType 3.16 :: I like!

Finally got around to installing MovableType 3.16. It’s nice. Not too much difference between it and 3.15. I just wanted to play with CMS.

Here is a sampling of my ‘likes’ re: MT

I’m slowly installing various plugins/hacks. MT-Blacklist and enabling TypeKey were the first. I’ll continue to install more as I re-familiarize myself with the platform. I really enjoy tinkering with various CMS platforms. Believe it or not, it is kinda fun.

Now, to my observations about MovableType versus WordPress. First, you should know that I like both of them. Second, I’m not really interested in starting an argument about which is better. They both have their pros/cons. There are differences, however, and I’ll highlight a few here.

The thing about MT vs. WP for me is the simplicity of WP versus the larger plugin offerings for MT. And, the truth is, both are really simple to install and use. MT is just a wee bit more complicated.

WP has a lot of plugins. MT’s, however, seem to be more diverse in the ‘practical’ areas. WP has many of the same types of plugins as MT, too. I think both communities have ported ideas from one another over the years.

Both are relatively easy to install, but WP is certainly easier. MT isn’t tough at all. It just takes a few more steps.

Going through the plugin directory at SixApart, one can’t help but recognize the difference between a company and their organization (or, more specifically – organizational skills) and the haphazard nature of Opensource (WP).

MT has a very active ProNet listserv and WP has forums, some sites and the ability to enable some email notices.

MT’s site is easy to navigate and very well maintained. WP’s sites are a hodgepodge with no real consistent format.

Still, those differences are understandable. WP is volunteers. MT is professionals making a living. OK, there are also a lot of volunteer developers with plugins on their own sites – just like WP. But, still the differences between the two are striking.

I’m beginning to get requests for MT installs, so this will be a good place to keep up with the latest info, plugins and developments.

I like MT. Now to learn more and more about it.

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0 thoughts on “MovableType 3.16 :: I like!

  1. Josh Hallett


    I come from the other end of the equation. I started on MT and the first exposure I had to WordPress was on Marcomblog. When showing clients the two backends they are more impressed by MT for obvious reasons.
    I think most people end up being more comfortable with whichever platform they started on.

  2. Robert

    Hey Josh,

    Yep, I agree. Familiarity breeds love. 🙂

    When I started blogging, I went through all sorts of platforms and ‘finally’ settled on WordPress for ease of use. Showing students how to install WP versus MT was a natural choice. My students often have little technical experience.

    I can understand folks being impressed by MT. I am, too.