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In preparation for the summer campaigns class, I have been adding several plugins to this blog. These are tools we may add to the blogs we’ll be creating for our client(s). I’ll be adding more in the coming days.

Don’t worry, the class won’t be totally devoted to blogging. 😀 But, we will add the tool/tactic of a blog to each of the client(s) campaigns we do undertake – if they are appropriate to the client’s needs. You did notice the if I threw in there, didn’t you? 😉 No, we won’t be serving Koolaid this summer re: blogs. We will be discussing them – as always – as one more tactic.

At any rate, I think that the new versions of WordPress 1.5.x Stayhorn are far and away the best ‘host your own’ option for any blogger. In fact, I think WordPress now equals or out-performs MovableType/Typepad in almost all areas.

Here are the plugins I’ve added this evening. All of these may be found at WordPress Plugins Database: nmyworld » Miniblog Plugin for WordPress | this day in history (under post plugins) | Link Definer | Subscribe to Blog (Email notification of new posts) | Fancy Tool Tips | Technorati Tags Admin Tool.

UPDATE: Added the WordPress Spell Checker from Great plugin. Works fine. Also added PXSMail Contact Form. It is cool, too. 🙂

Also installed Palmer’s Ozpolitics Blog » WordPress plugin: referral tracker and it works. But, it gives way too many referrals that I don’t think have anything to do with the blog. We’ll see. I may be wrong, but I don’t see some of these blogs coming to visit mine. Who knows.

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