TCS: Glenn Reynolds – Are Blogs Busting Loose?

First, you MUST watch the video. Scroll down to the bottom of the article at the link below and watch. It is fun and informative.

The conversations are great. Several bloggers, attending BlogNashville, were interviewed. The main theme of the discussion? Making money from blogs.

Now, I don’t see that happening for me, but if you are going to counsel a client on blogs – I bet they’ll ask you about it. So, begin considering the ideas that others are talking about today.

Also, check out this link and follow the link in the excerpt to an interesting and funny list of some ‘potential blog business models’ that will, if nothing else, make you smile.

TCS: Tech Central Station – Are Blogs Busting Loose?
by Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Contributing Editor, TCS

Last weekend I attended the BlogNashville blogger conference, held at Belmont University in Nashville. It was the third conference of that sort I had attended, and it underscored the way blogs, and blogging, are changing.

In 2002, I went to Yale’s Revenge of the Blog conference. In 2003, I attended Harvard’s Bloggercon I. The atmosphere at this one was different.

At those earlier conferences, everyone was still focused on the newness of blogs, and on the amateur spirit, and political emphasis, that marked blogging at that point. Now blogs aren’t quite as new, and though there’s still plenty of politics and amateurism, people are now talking about making money.

In fact, the two recurring themes of this latest conference were making money, and video.

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