Business Week Snarks and Praises Blogs :: More sugar for the Koolaid?

A lot of happiness coming from PR and Biz bloggers thanks to the BusinessWeek cover story, “Blogs Will Change Your Business”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like blogs and see value in them. Still, I do not subscribe to this ‘blogs are the saviour to connecting with your customers’ nonsense that so many are spouting. They are ‘a’ way to do it and they do not work for every business/organization – product/service.

Is there potential for this to occur? Well, yes. But we are NO way near there, yet. First, the reach to audiences is still small – even miniscule by comparison to tradtional PR/Marcom practices.

Let’s look at the BusinessWeek article, too. As I read it, there is a lot of snark in there. Yes, it is disguised since they wrote the article in ‘blog’ format. But I don’t see that as complimentary.

Steve Rubel, for example, is widely regarded as the highest profile PR blogger. The article, however, calls Rubel a PR Bunny. Not very kind. The quote is, “Now Rubel is positioned as an all-knowing Thumper in a forest of clueless Bambis.”

Could this BW article be taken as a sign of good things to come for biz blogging? Yes. But, when you can show me a ‘snark free’ straight piece in the NYTimes or WSJ, then – then I’ll be more of a believer. Right now, the koolaid is running free. And, it has more sugar than can possibly be good for anyone.

Let’s maintain our rational and reasoned look at this new tactic. Blogging – as a business/PR tool – is hardly 3 years old. Tom Murphy’s PR Opinions, regarded as the “Grandaddy” of PR blogs, started in March 2002.

Blogs GOOD! Blogs not SAVIOUR! And they are not the best thing to hit communication ever. I’m still going with that good ol’ face-to-face as the single best way to communicate. I’ll put my research to prove it true against any koolaid drinkers anywhere. Sorry.