The Voice of PR Face2Face and Cluelesstrain

Another great post from Jeremy Pepper. This one is “Blogs in the Communications Mix“.

This article “Papers broaden margins, jump in the blogosphere,” at the Kansas City Star (registration required), serves to further prove Jeremy’s point.

The LA Times launched a blog for baseball’s spring training. The San Francisco Chronicle plans to try out blogs, as well. But they are “still grappling with the ‘exact form and structure so that it fits journalistic standards'”. We’ve all likely heard of the new tool and new effort by a Greensboro, N.C. paper. “Others, like the News & Record in Greensboro, N.C., think that they should be spontaneous, as other non-newspaper blogs are, and show the writer’s voice.”

Short story? They are trying new ‘tools’ to enhance their dwindling circulation numbers and trying to boost online interest in their papers. In some intstances, they are embarking on a ‘citizen journalism’ verture because they see what NowPublic, WikiNews,, Northwest Voice, OhMyNews (South Korea) and others have accomplished so far. They do not want to be left behind. Right now, blogs serve as the latest tool they can try in the mix to stay current/relevant.

The struggle they are going through now with “how to” (implementation) is the same thing businesses must address before diving into the mix.

Probably a small issue for many, but I fear that the term ‘blog’ has already developed such as specific identity with early adopters, we may need new sub-categories or other terms to properly identify blogs in the future. Ultimately, whether called a blog, journal, web log or waffle – one thing is certain. If the content is good, people will still come. In the examples above, one definitive element we can identify is ‘voice’. The writer must hone one. Jeremy has done that. The PR Face2Face interviews, now coupled with Clueless Train, have made his blog even more enjoyable to read. You know that when you visit on Tuesdays (interviews) and Thursdays (Cluelesstrain) that you’re going to see new interesting people and topics profiled/discussed.

Good job, Jeremy. Quite the definitive blog you have there.