Josh Hallett :: Actual MarcomBlogger Visits Campus!

Josh Hallett is coming to visit us on Wednesday. I was very pleased to receive his email saying he’d be in the area. He has graciously offered to drop by on his sundry travels following the “Tour de Georgia cycling race” and other exploits.

Looking forward to actually meeting a blogger, especially one from MarcomBlog. Josh has been volunteering his time mentoring the students for some time, now.

Interesting note: This will be my first meeting with ‘any’ blogger. Unlike most of you PR bloggers, I have not yet attended any of these conferences, etc. I’m truly missing out on that wonderful opportunity.

Constantin Basturea was very kind and invited me to one, but with classes (and not presenting at the conference) I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend. The only way we get travel money is if we are presenting a paper or participating in a panel.

So, this will be quite fun and I know the students will be very thrilled to actually ‘meet’ someone they’ve been chatting with in the blogs. Thank you, Josh. Looking forward to seeing you!


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