Posting Habits :: Mine are changing

I’ve launched a link blog at

The reasons for the blog are many, but now I think the best reason is to change my blogging habits. I still intend to blog, of course. Now I will blog differently.

infOpinions? will be used more for comments about things I’m working on. I’ll also comment on various issues as they arise in PR, Marcom, CMS, blogs and multimedia.

The links I’ve been posting all along will now be placed in the PRCaseStudies blog.

I would imagine this will mean that infOpinions? will only be updated 2 or 3 times a week – maybe more. Look to the link blog for daily postings of things I find interesting. Students, that is directed at you. 🙂 Use those posts as ideas for your blog adventures if you are stuck looking for something to write about. I will try to make them all relevant to PR and the use of blogs, or anything online, in PR.

I have tried, all along, to remain as focused as possible on the stated topic areas of PR, Marcom, CMS, Blogs and Multimedia. The underlying purpose is providing a resource for my students. So, teaching and learning are the overall purposes of the blog. (I honestly believe that I have learned more than I have taught.) Sure, there have been ventures outside those areas, but I think they have been few enough as to have a blog that is on track.