Global PR Blog Week 2.0 Planning Begins

Global PR Blog Week 2.0 Planning

What is it? Just check with Constantin Basturea. He gives us all the Who, What, When, Where and How.

As for the ‘why’, this is something all PR/Marcom types (and other disciplines) should participate in, or follow. We will all learn. Collaborative learning is terrific.

How can you participate?

Look at last year’s event. Global PR Blog Week 1.0. Also, check out Global PR Blog Week.

Congrats to Constantin and all the other contributors. You do great work for PR! Oughta get an award. 😀

Update: I had not yet read all of the pages about the event. So, Constantin updates me as to the PR Education section, too. Our efforts are suggested as a case study. Now to find the other PRedu efforts out there and add them to the list of potential case studies to address.

New PR Education

* new roles for the PR practitioner
* case studies: Auburn University, others?
* curriculum & bibliography