Wiki Anniversary

Wikipedia eclipsed USA Today and The New York Times in page views.

March 16, 2005
[etech] Day 2 – Jimbo Wales, Wikipedia gives an update on Wikipedia. The English version will pass 500,000 articles today. 350,000 hierarchical categories. The site has passd and the It’s so popular, he says, because it addresses the original deam of the Internet: People sharing information freely.

As of this posting, Wikipedia has 509375 articles. The site surpassed the two MSM powerhouses in a relative blink of an eye, when you consider that “Wikipedia began on January 15, 2001” and accomplished the goal with significantly less funding and resources in just over 4 years.

Let’s remember the history of wikis.

Ward Cunningham created the first wiki. His wiki celebrated 10 years on the net – March 25th, 2005. The site’s expectations on their anniversary were:

At that time, we should have about 30690 pages (this represents relatively steady growth of 8.4 pages per day over that period).

As of this posting, Ward’s Wiki has 30722 pages. Danger! That link might take a long, long time to load on your computer. It is a search for any page on their site. It delivers all of them back to you. 😯

Internet History

In 1962, development by the RAND Corporation began on the “packet switched network” process which would allow “the U.S. Air Force to do a study on how it could maintain its command and control over its missiles and bombers, after a nuclear attack.”

1969: ARPANET went online.
1972: The first e-mail program was created by Ray Tomlinson of BBN.
1973: TCP/IP was developed to allow computer networks to interconnect and communicate with each other.
1974: First Use of term Internet by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn in paper on Transmission Control Protocol.
1976: Dr. Robert M. Metcalfe develops Ethernet, which allowed coaxial cable to move data extremely fast. This was a crucial component to the development of LANs.
1990: Tim Berners-Lee and CERN in Geneva implements a hypertext system to provide efficient information access to the members of the international high-energy physics community.
1993: Marc Andreessen and NCSA and the University of Illinois develops a graphical user interface to the WWW, called “Mosaic for X”. (This is likely considered the event that launches mass audience interest and use.)
1994: The most significant thing that happened was the growth. Pizza Hut offers pizza ordering on its Web page. First Virtual, the first cyberbank, opens.

So, think about it. All that we are doing today via the WWW actually started only about 11 to 15 years ago – on a mass audience scale. Students, since you were all in elementary school when this all started, that makes you the first true internet generation. How does it feel?

Postscript: Now we have the NewPRWiki by Constantin Basturea. The first PR wiki. His wiki started around May 27, 2004. So, that anniversary is two months from today. Hope I remember. πŸ˜€