Students :: When seeking a job, is Google friend or foe?

Job searches are a frustrating experience for anyone. For students, that first search – whether it be for a job or internship – may hold some pitfalls that the ‘seeker’ has not considered yet.

For my students, the time for internship and job searches is underway for you. I’ve noticed that many of them are writing about it – and that is good. But, be careful what you write.

Here is something very important to remember as you set out upon your ‘InternQuest‘ and job searches. A great article from January 2005.

Are you ready to be Googled?

Ask not for whom the Web searches because someday soon it may be you.

By Alan R. Earls, Globe Correspondent, 1/9/05

If you’re looking for a job, be aware that prospective employers are taking a close look at you, too, in more ways than one.

A recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive shows that 23 percent of people search the Web for the name of a business associate or colleague prior to meeting them. And plenty of hiring managers Google prospective candidates as well.

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