“NowPublic” – Citizen Journalism Goes Live Next Week

From CyberJournalist.net we learn that a “New citizen journalism site” will launch next week.

The dream of having various ‘volunteers’ go out and write articles/news stories for a site and have it distributed as ‘news’ has been bantered about by Gillmor to Epic and everywhere inbetween.

This will be interesting to watch.

A new multimedia “citizen journalism” site called NowPublic is getting ready to launch. The site will allow readers to “assign” stories to reporters; sign up to be a reporter; file photographs, video and MP3s; and “build your own newsroom” and follow the news with “watchlists.”

According to the beta version of the site, which is now password-protected, here’s how the site will work: …. Visit Cyberjournalist.net for the details.

As an ideal, it could be fun, but I fear the ‘content’ being posted as ‘news’ will be just as sad as the end of Epic. The reliability of Wikipedia and Wikinews has been questioned. I believe those two sites will be more reliable than these ‘citizen journalism’ efforts. Only time will tell. Please prove me wrong.

Here’s an idea. Let’s get people there that will ‘not‘ make the stereotype of pajama wearing bloggers stick in the public’s mind. Students. Go there and take the lead while learning.

The one valuable aspect of this is for students. Go there. Sign up. Write news stories for the site. Even if it only leads to practice in writing, the effort will be well worth the time you contribute. Follow the principles you’ve learned in your studies. Set a standard for ‘news writing’ in this new citizen journalism venue.

Who knows? This may take off and gain credibility. You will have that experience under your belt. Still, you should also go to the campus newspapers and publications and write there, too. But, reality tells us that there is only so much space in those publications and not everyone will get published. Grassroots citizen journalism sites like NowPublic do offer you that opportunity.

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0 thoughts on ““NowPublic” – Citizen Journalism Goes Live Next Week

  1. Michael Tippett

    Hi, This is Michael Tippett from NowPublic. We will be going live tomorrow (Tuesday 22) and would love to have your participation and feedback. If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me personally.
    Best Regards,
    mtippett(at) nowpublic (dot) com

  2. Robert

    Thank you, Michael. I will suggest it to my students throughout the week. We’ll see if they take the plunge. It could be a valuable experience.
    Best wishes with your endeavor!