WikiFish :: Auburn University Architecture students and faculty

Well, despite the rather bizarre Michael Jackson banner at the top of the front page, this wiki serves as one more example of collaborative eLearning. And, hey, it is at Auburn so it has to be good – right. 😉

Meet WikiFish from the Auburn University College of Architecture, Design and Construction.

This is a collaborative website created by the Students, Faculty and Staff of the Auburn University College of Architecture, Design and Construction, along with various other very active participants “out there somewhere.” This Wiki serves to protect the delicate collaborative environment of Design+Construction School culture, and to serve as a protocol Studio|Design+and reference guide to keep these balances in check. Entering these pages affirms that you agree to the terms listed below. If you are in disagreement, you must edit, erase, enhance, beautify, dullify, nullify, derange, arrange, or simply change the wording below to alter this bill of rights to codify what it really means to participate in a Design School. If you do not wish to contribute…then accept the fact that you will always be complacent, and easily controlled. Enter At Your Own Risk.

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