PoweR Girls :: First Debut To “Jump the Shark”?

The worst thing that could have happened to this show – happened.

PoweR Girls jumped the shark. It went on the air.

Still don’t know if the show will do harm to publicists or public relations.

What we do know now is that MTV’s PoweR Girls is boring. And the ‘stars’ of the show – the PR bunnies? Let’s just say they are not the brightest bulbs on Broadway, er – Lafayette Street.

Some of these publicists are conspicuously unintelligent.

In their first show, here are just two gaffes.

  • A signing for a rap star and no one thinks to have something for the guy to – ya’ know – sign.
  • Bringing lists of guests – out of order / not alphabetized – to the door of a club opening. This helps the guests wait longer and puts them in just the right mood when/if they ever do get inside.

At the club opening, Lindsay Lohan passes on the red carpet and paparazzi – using the side entrance. Grubman wonders aloud, “Who does she think she is?” Kind of funny for a woman who is doing a show solely aimed at fluffing her own personality. This petty display doesn’t define her – or her company – well.

Lohan may have had good reason to use the side door. Grubman may know why she used the side door. If you watched the show, did you notice how many faces were blurred out? It is doubtful that MTV couldn’t contact those people for releases. It is believable that those people didn’t want to sign the releases. Who else, besides Lohan and the blurred faces, will not want to be associated with this show? There is possibly a simpler answer as to Lohan’s choice of doors. Maybe her name wasn’t in the alphabetized parts of the lists and the bunnies didn’t recognize her.

On camera, Grubman does not come off very well. Her delivery is stilted. Grubman’s camera presence will remind you of an infomercial interview with a ‘satisfied’ customer that tells how the ingenious fender dent popper saved her family. Only difference? Some infomercials are entertaining.

So, this is LGPR. As many have pointed out, LGPR is used by many top firms and corporations. And, as we have seen all to often, this show will likely help – more than hurt – the company. Only in America.

I was wrong earlier. It isn’t “Charlie’s Angels” at all. It is “Lizzie’s Bunnies” and we’re not talking Watership Down.