Writer Blogs :: Name your favorites

A little project I’m undertaking is to try and develop a blog which aggregates the best ‘writer blogs’ out there and share the resource with students.

A static version using RSS feeds is up now. See Writer Blogs. The ultimate goal is a blog which ‘grabs’ the posts from those blogs in chronological order along with the comment links. This will, I hope, encourage students to visit their blogs and engage these writers in conversations. Just trying to capitalize on all of the resources sitting out there waiting for new readers.

Take a look at the ‘spec’ site and please post your ‘suggestions’ for writer blogs we should include in the project. The more the merrier.

The spec site features feeds from this sampling of authors:

Who else should I include?

Thanks to Bill French of MyST Technology, and MarcomBlog contributor, for his help in pointing me to resources for ways to build this type of blog.

We’ll see how it goes. It will, I believe, take awhile. 😀


0 thoughts on “Writer Blogs :: Name your favorites

  1. Robert

    Thank you James, Amy and Mary.

    James, I will include those writers, too. Yes, all genres of writing can serve as good examples.

    I imagine that I’ll have quite a few examples for my students when this is done. (Or, will I ever have a ‘compelete’ list?) 😉

    Thank you all.