Soldier Blogs :: Now Monetized

From the we find an interesting article: A penny for their thoughts :: Some troops make money from blogs

Thought provoking ideas come up while reading this article. For a few excerpts and some questions, read on …

Spc. Nick Cademartori, who runs The Questing Cat, said when his readers first starting asking what he might need in Iraq, he referred them to charities.

“I’d rather they help soldiers who don’t have family, so I directed them in a post to ‘Adopt a Platoon,’ and gave the concession that if anyone wanted to donate … use PayPal,” he said referring to an online company that allows users to securely transfer money over the Internet.

“We’ve received around $200 in donations, but truthfully, I would rather that go to a charity organization. It is appreciated, but it does make me feel uncomfortable.” (Source)

Other soldiers take a different view. They want the money to make their stay in Iraq, for instance, more comfortable – even safe.

A blogger who goes only by the handle American Soldier (which is also the name of his blog) had a list of items on his site that he said would likely make his duties in Iraq more comfortable. He said in December that he had received more than $1,000 in cash donations from visitors to his blog to buy the gear. He also sells merchandise with the American Soldier logo.

American Soldier owns his Web domain name and rents the server space. He said he needs to do these things to avoid being shut down if the Army blocks soldiers’ access to some of the Web sites that offer free blog hosting.

There is no official policy on item solicitation or ad sales on blogs, said Army spokeswoman Lt. Col. Pamela Hart. (Source)

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What, if any, issues and questions does this raise in your mind? Should soldiers be able to capitalize on their service? Should they have to be looking elsewhere for funds to buy gear that might help them work better or be safer? Interesting issues. Blog about it.