MarcomBlog :: Now, with more blue (and cowbell)

We’ve upgraded the MarcomBlog with a new look (skin/theme) and new engine – WordPress 1.5.

One of the favorite projects I’ve ever started is MarcomBlog. The 9 contributors are just fantastic. So, I wanted to do something to try and make their experience a little nicer. Hope we achieved that.

Truth be told, these people probably don’t want/need anything to encourage them. They have all – of their own free will and generosity – volunteered to join in and help mentor students. Ya’ gotta love that and love them for it. I do. The students do. That’s what matters.

So, if you’d like to see the blog and – more importantly – read the wonderful experience of these 9 PR/Marcom professionals and our students, please go on over and say hello. Join the conversations. That is what it is all about.

They are, by the way:

David Forstrom
Bill French
Guillaume du Gardier
Josh Hallett
Neville Hobson
Dee Rambeau
Octavio Rojas
Tara Smith
Dale Wolf
Thank you, MarcomBloggers.