Blogging Planet Launches :: Great People that “Get It”

Good news. Neville Hobson announces the launching of Blogging Planet:

Elizabeth Albrycht, Christophe Ducamp, Guillaume du Gardier and myself have launched Blogging Planet, a new consultancy designed to help companies in Europe and the USA deploy communication tools like blogs, wikis and RSS as integral elements of their strategic business and communication planning.

True to form, Neville tells it like it is, “It’s about the communication, not the technology.”

They do have a blog: Blogging Planet :: Enter the conversation.

“In today’s networked world, the scope and scale of your connections are a valuable asset to your business. We help you learn how to discover, invest in, or build the connections, links and pathways between and among your key audiences,” du Gardier continued. “In short time, your organization will begin to become well positioned to use these networks to persuade people to action, to respond to a crisis, to leverage current market conversations and to improve your business overall.”

I have to say that this group has three of the most wonderful PR/Marcom/Communication professionals that I have met – even if only online.

Guilluame and Neville are both active in MarcomBlog. Guilluame, in fact, was the second volunteer contributor. He and his wife just welcomed a baby into the world, too. Congrats. Neville volunteered to join MarcomBlog awhile back, too. Elizabeth has already contributed an article to another blog and has been very kind to the students by commenting in their blogs. All three of them are generous and willing – even eager – to ‘give back’ … and they are in Paris and Amsterdam, for crying out loud. Never even heard of Auburn, I imagine. Just saw a cause and reached out to students.

Sadly, I have not had the honor of getting to know Christophe Ducamp (English Version of his blog)- yet – but I’ll be watching and reading his contributions, too. Hey, if these three think he’s great …. he’s great. 🙂

So, best wishes to this “Fab Four” and here is hoping that their consultancy has them flying all over the world to bring conversations to business!

Want to read more about these fine communicators? Check out their bios …

Elizabeth Albrycht – 15-year veteran of high technology public relations practice and co-founder and co-producer of the New Communications Forum (, a conference series designed to bring journalists and marketing and PR professionals together to learn how to use participatory communications tools. She has authored articles on blogging for PRSA’s Tactics magazine, the IABC’s CW Bulletin, and the Future of Work eNewsletter. She blogs daily at CorporatePR:

Christophe Ducamp – Founder of Elanceur, provider of ideas and technological skills to increase the efficiency of marketing communication, the productivity of people and employees, and the value of knowledge assets in the enterprise. He co-founded in 1998, one of the first ebusinesses in France. Previously, Ducamp served more than 15 years as business development director in different advertising and direct marketing agencies, including Leo Burnett, Eurocom & TBWA. He is currently focused on wikis, cooperation, e-talking, e-writing, tribal marketing, e-influence and online communities. Co-author of the book, Les Blogs, he is also the co-founder of the CraoWiki, one of the most influential French wikicommunities. He blogs at Elanceur:

Guillaume du Gardier – Co-founder and co-producer of the New Communications Forum and founder of the CEO Bloggers Club (, an online club made up of more than 60 members who are both CEOs and bloggers. He has wide experience in business-to-business communications, with strong IT experience, having been a director of one of the top ten French IT PR agencies for seven years. He blogs daily at PR Thoughts:

Neville Hobson, ABC – is an accredited communication practitioner with 25 years hands-on and leadership experience in public and media relations, marketing communication, employee, compensation and benefits communication as well as investor and financial relations. He helps organizations use current, new and emerging technology tools and channels to build dynamic relationships with customers, employees, shareholders and other key audiences and influencers. Hobson was a speaker at the New Communications Forum. He co-presents a bi-weekly podcast show on business communication and technology and blogs daily at NevOn: