InternQuest :: Two students start a Quest

Emily and Katie of the Foundations of Public relations class have come up with an idea – a blog. They are on a ‘quest’ – for an internship. I look forward to watching it unfold. We set it up together this afternoon.

They have started InternQuest, a blog aimed at (1) helping them explore internship opportunities and (2) sharing their discoveries with other PR students.

I turned them onto blogs in their class through the Auburn PR Blog and they’ve been biten by the blogosphere bug. 😀

In their own words, Katie says they “will focus on finding internships and learning more about the jobs that are out there.” And Emily reports they have decided “that we’d share what we’ve found. Now everyone can benefit!”

Cool. Servant philosophy and learning all in one. I’m lovin’ it! Eager students with curiosity, goals and objectives. It doesn’t get any better than this. 🙂


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  1. Someone very important

    Those girls sound very smart! They must be winners!!!! You sould give them both A’s!!!