Pitching a blog? Constantin Basturea has 29 links of ‘How to…’ for you

Remarkably, some recently graduated students have written back regarding pitching blogs to their new employers. One has already been greeted with positive reactions.

So, if you were about to pitch a blog to a client/employer, where would you start?

Never fear, Constantin Basturea is here. The NewPRWiki was updated on February 16th with 11 new links covering this very question.

He actually has 29 different links pointing to articles/posts on this very topic. So, you may find answers to questions and issues like this partial list:

  • Is your company trying to get attention today?
  • Blog Relations… the gift that keeps giving…
  • How to Pitch Bloggers
  • How Not to Pitch a Blogger
  • Press Release, Spam, What’s The Difference?
  • The PR Lessons of A Clueless Blog Pitch
  • Pitching small business stories
  • Marketing Sherpa Q&A: Jennifer Nastu, PR Interview: How to Get Mentioned in 8 High-Profile Blogs on Marketing, Marketing Sherpa
  • Best Business Blog Examples and Why Your Company Needs One
  • Gadget blogs gain in popularity and corporate PR begins to take notice
  • Pitching Blogs: Latest Type Of Online Media Vehicle May Provide Valuable PR Opportunities
  • Bloggers Causing Shift In How The Public Gets News; PR People Need To Learn To Deal With New Gatekeepers
  • The PR Lessons of a Clueless BLOG Pitch
  • Blogs – Ignore Them At Your Peril

Many, many thanks to Constantin Basturea for TheNewPRWiki. 🙂

By the way, Constantin has a blog, too. Check it out.