WordPress 1.5 Released :: Sweet!

WordPress has released version 1.5. Congratulations and much praise goes to the WordPress developers. This is a sweet and powerful new version. A major step in the advancement of WordPress.

Among the new ‘toys’ and improvements, you will find:

  • The Dashboard
  • Write Post, Write Page
  • The Link Manager
  • The Options
  • Spam prevention
  • Plugin Editor
  • Themes
  • A whole lotta code under the hood

The Write Post, Write Page feature is particulary sweet as it allows for static pages (permanent pages) right out of the box. Previously, this required a plugin or some modifications to an existing ‘index.php’ page.

And, some very impressive themes have already been created for the new version. See them here.

Upgrading from 1.2 will require some modification ‘if’ you have a custom theme, like the one here at infOpinions?, so it will be a bit before we upgrade.


0 thoughts on “WordPress 1.5 Released :: Sweet!

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  2. Paul

    I actually woke up this morning wondering when they were going to release it. It comes to something when a wordpress launch is enough to get you out of bed at 5.30 am.

    As soon as I start sleep-blogging I’m off to see a doctor.

    Now for blogging to go up another level.

    Sweet indeed.