PRSA Approaching Business Schools, M.B.A.’s

M.B.A. Track :: Managing a Company’s Reputation
February 8, 2005; Page B4

Good news. The PRSA is reaching out to MBA programs in an effort to enhance the appreciation for and incorporation of Public Relations courses in their curriculum.

The Public Relations Society of America recently launched a campaign to address what it considers a serious shortcoming of M.B.A. programs. For starters, it sent letters to deans of leading schools, proposing that they incorporate communications into the curriculum through new courses, seminars and visiting lecturers. PRSA officials also are promoting more interaction between business schools and schools of communication and journalism.

Even so, many deans and professors simply don’t view communications as a key functional area like marketing, operations and accounting. Part of the problem is the lack of hard data. “M.B.A. programs are very obsessed with numbers, and because you can’t tie numbers easily to communications, it isn’t seen as real and as something that can make a significant difference,” says McCall Butler, a managing supervisor at the Fleishman-Hillard public-relations agency in New York and a graduate of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, where she studied corporate communications. (Source: Wall Street Journal)