I Love It :: “Add Water”

Pete Blackshaw: “Creative Marketing Destruction: Add Water and Blog“.

Maybe now people will stop talking just about the possiblities and put them to work – tearing down old notions of corporate CMS and let the flood waters begin to roll. I know, the innovation has been happening, but Blackshaw has trumpted a call heralding the ease with which greater strides may be achieved.

The simplicity of new CMS platforms, particulary the opensource options, are there ripe for the picking and incorporating into stacks of interdependent Web sites. Adoption of opensource is the key. Just a note, we are primarily discussing portals, blogs, wikis and some groupware applications. Other specialized CMS will still require going with certain providers.

Come on, though, in many instances the tools are there and they are free. Plus, look at the people that are building many of these platforms. From Mullenweg to Rosen, they are proving that innovation and true value can be accomplished in under-funded/non-funded environments.

I commented about his once before in PoynterOnline.org. That article is CMS For Sale: Cheap. I am not kidding when I say that, for many (most?) small businesses, a very flexible interactive Web presence can be accomplished by hiring a few high school students. The monster CMS sellers (with their clunky, unweildy sites) should be quaking in their shoes. Why business doesn’t take the time to buy into this, is beyond me.

Now, the scary part is – the same is true for giant corporations and non-profits/organizations. Seriously. Yet, they tend to stick with these awkward and painfully unuseful sites. Look at many PR firms, for instance, and try searching through them. Frustrating.

My favorite ‘blog’ so far is still WordPress. My favorite CMS overall has to be CivicSpace. These two CMS alone could change the business and non-profit worlds. Any small newspaper that buys a content management system when they could launch their own is wasting money in most instances. The platforms exist. The only barrier is someone with CSS skills and someone with PHP skills. Seriously, they are sitting in your local high schools and colleges.

Why don’t people take the plunge? The water’s fine.