Jeremy Pepper :: Great article :: A must read

Blogs and Libel

Jeremy interviews David E. McCraw, Counsel for The New York Times Co., and Bartlet Brebner, of The Brebner Law Firm. The premise – libel.

Can blogs be sued for libel?

It is inevitable, and has already happened. Blogs have received notices from attorneys that they are being sued for libel, but typical of the blogosphere, they don’t take these threats seriously. I have read in various blogs that libel suits are rarely won, or that the blog is protected by the courts. But, if push comes to shove, how many bloggers have the deep pockets to fight a libel lawsuit? Or, are most bloggers like Rakim, digging deeper into the pockets and still coming up with lint …

A must read … run, don’t walk. Then, blog about it.