Students Begin Posting Interviews

As our first simple exercise in writing, students are beginning to post their Q&A interviews and articles at the He Sez ..::.. She Sez blog. For clarity’s sake, let’s remember that these students are from the Intro to PR/Foundations of PR class and brand new to the field. This is their very first PR class.

This first round of articles are interviews by the women in the class of their male friends (one even interviewed her Dad, for instance). This helps fit the ‘He-She’ format of the blog. The idea is to try and develop an appreciation for the common perceptions/misperceptions of PR and for the students to answer those thoughts. So, you will find all Q&A interviews in the “He Sez” side and the students will respond in the “She Sez” side of the blog.

Just a fun little exercise to keep students writing and maybe address some popular topics/issues in the PR world.

As for the blog itself, it is a new double blog layout – thanks to Lisa Sabin at Elegant Webscapes – the blog allows you to post opposing articles in a variety of formats side-by-side.

EWood (Elizabeth Wood) is the first participant. Elizabeth blogs with her class in the Auburn PR Blog.

All of the articles should be posted by the weekend, so please check them out in the He Sez ..::.. She Sez blog.